Innovation Strategy

Western Australia -
the place to innovate

Innovation lies at the heart of human progress. This Strategy provides a vision for Western Australia that is as ambitious as it is compelling.

Our vision

Western Australia is a renowned global hub of invention, investment, innovation and impact.

With innovation deeply ingrained in the fabric and culture of the State, Western Australia is a place like no other.

Innovation happens naturally, every day. It is everywhere and is everyone's business.

The Strategy's goal is to inspire a new generation of innovators to solve our challenges and encourage the economy to move in exciting, new directions.

Our goals

The Strategy sets itself the following 10-year goals to realise this vision. Western Australia will:

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Our priorities

To achieve these 5 goals, Government is taking action in 7 priority areas. An 'Innovation Action Plan' details an initial agenda to support the Innovation Strategy. These programs and initiatives will be added to as the need and opportunity arise.


Skills, people and culture


Research and tech transfer


Networks, precincts and shared facilities


Access to capital


Procurement and supply chains


Diversity and inclusion


Promotion and adoption

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Our priorities